Private labels

At your request, we can design a turnkey product from the ground up or implement just a part of tea production!

Over 50 companies across Russia are among our clients!

  • Retail trade chains
  • Fast food chains
  • Tea companies that don’t have their own production facility
  • Advertising agencies and other companies that order tea products for promotional purposes



 “We create beneficial conditions

for customers in order they can focus

on marketing and sales leaving

production-related matters in our hands”

Manufacturing Private label products for retail chains

Contract manufacturing of tea for retail chains is one of the strategic development areas for the company. Private label brand is an excellent solution for retail chains, which contributes to sales growth and customer retention meanwhile saving marketing and supplies costs. For over 10 years “Imperial Tea” manufacture Private label products under orders of retail chains. Nowadays we are leaders and experts in the industry.

Our customers are large federal and regional retail chains. We offer a package service to our customers:

  • Product development
  • Packaging development
  • Product certification
  • Purchasing of bulk material and supplies

Tea production for fast food chains

There is currently a trend in fast food industry to offer ready-to-use packed products under own trademark.

It creates a positive image of a chain and therefore enhances customers’ loyalty.

At your request we are ready to develop and manufacture bagged tea designed especially for your chain of fast food. Our equipment enables to pack tea in bags of different types with your company’s logo printed on tag and envelope.

Besides traditional bagged tea, loose tea and coffee “Imperial Tea” is happy to offer an innovative product individually developed for fast food chains.

It is a paper tea cup with a round tea bag fixed inside to the bottom of a cup. It is convenient because you don’t need to take out, squeeze and throw out a tea bag. Moreover, it is cost saving because such bag contains less tea than a standard tea bag.

Manufacturing tea products for tea and other companies

“Imperial Tea” has a significant experience in manufacturing tea for western and Russian companies.

A large number of companies sell tea, coffee and other products having no production capacities. It is a common practice for food producers to expand their umbrella brand with some other products. In such cases we can offer our production capacity.

With contract manufacturing you save on buying your own equipment and get a high quality product.
We produce a wide range of mother and baby teas under the brand “Babushkino lukoshko” for our biggest partner – “Sivma” group of companies.

Our customers are well-known federal – “Metro C&C”, “BILLA”, “Viktoria”, “SPAR”, trade chain “DA!” (“Fresh Market”) and regional chains – trade chain “Semeiny” (Saratov), “Retail center” (Novosibirsk), trade chain “Polushka” (“Forward Trade”, Ufa), trade chain “Kirovskiy” (“Lev”, Ekaterinburg), trade chain “Lama” (Tomsk) and largest pharmacy chain in the Volga region “Vita Line”. We operate successfully in the HoReCa industry – “Marys Tea”, “The Noble Tea” trademarks and others. We also manufacture tea products for a well-known Russian political party “LDPR” and provide packaging services to the following customers – “Alef Trade Import” (“Nik Tea” trademark), “Inter Group” (“Morgan” and “Barclay” trademarks), “Krasnodar Tea Association” and others.

We are happy to offer you different forms of cooperation:

Turnkey trademark. If you want to create your own trademark but you don’t have production facility, we would be glad to offer you package services for your product starting with development of formula and packaging design up to manufacturing, packaging and delivery of the final product.

If due to particular reasons you don’t need the whole package services we can offer a single service out of all production steps, for example you can order packaging or formula or else.

Promotional items

Tea is an excellent promotional item, which will please any client regardless their age, sex or social position.

Taking into account customers’ needs we can pack tea or coffee in reasonably priced package with logo or create an exclusive set of premium teas in branded gift package.

You may use almost any sort of tea for promotional use. Moreover, at customer’s request specialists of the company may create a unique tea brand.