Personal data processing

Consent to Personal Data Processing

By acceding to the Agreement and leaving your personal data on the website (hereinafter referred to as “The Website”) in the fields of the registration form, the User:

  • Confirms that the indicated personal data are valid and authentic;
  • Acknowledges and agrees that they have read the Agreement and Terms of Processing of Personal Data indicated in the fields of registration form and that they have understood the text of the Agreement and Personal Data Processing Terms;
  • Gives consent to the Website to process their Personal Data in order to conclude the Agreement between the User and the Website and to implement it afterwards;
  • Gives consent to the terms of personal data processing.

The owner of the website is “Imperial Tea” LLC located at Vokzalnaya st., 7, Nakhabino, Krasnogorsk district, Moscow region, Russia, 143430, tax reference number is 5032060033.

The User gives consent to their personal data processing that is performance of actions pursuant to the article 3 of the FZ № 152 “On Personal Data” and confirms that they act freely on their own volition and for their own benefit.

The consent of the User to process the Personal Data is considered accurate, apprised and willful.

The given consent of the User is considered executed in simple written form for processing of the following personal data:

  • Name, last name, middle name;
  • Year of birth;
  • Place of location;
  • Phone numbers, email addresses.

The User gives the right to to perform the following actions with personal data: collecting and storing within the time limits established by the regulatory documents but not less than 3 years starting from the moment of use cancellation by the User, correction (updating, changing), using, deletion, depersonalization, transferring under the court requirements to third parties in compliance with the measures that guarantee the protection of personal data against an unauthorized access.

The given consent is valid for an unlimited period from the moment of data submission and may be withdrawn by the User by sending an application to the administration of the website with indication of the data determined by the Article 14 of the federal law “On personal data”.

The withdrawal of consent to personal data processing may be performed by sending the request in simple written form to the email address

The website does not take responsibility for the usage, whether legal or not, of the information indicated by the User on the website by the third parties including its reproduction and distribution by any possible means.

The website has the right to alter the given Agreement. If case of alterations, the relevant version has the date of the latest update.  The revised Agreement is valid from the moment of its publication if the revised Agreement does not imply other.

The current version of the Agreement is located at

The given Agreement and the relationship between the User and the Website arisen in respect of implementation of the Agreement is subject to the law of the Russian Federation.